Saturday, November 8, 2008

On My Lucky Day:

I like to have lighted candles in the house in the evenings. I like the light and aroma. They feel warm and cozy now that the weather has turned cooler.

I usually have them in glass holders on insulated coasters and don’t leave the room when they are lit. But just to change things up I lit some tapers with silk autumn rings at the bottom.

I left the room just for a minute to go to the bathroom and be right back but I got distracted. The next thing I knew the leaves had caught fire and the plastic ring holding them all together too.

I was lucky that they burned themselves out and nothing else caught fire. The top of the old slap-together book shelf was burnt and the paint damaged along with the books that the melted plastic had dripped on. It also got so hot that it melted the paint on the old bookshelf to the bottom of the brass candle holder.

I’ve learned you can’t be too careful around candles. But I was lucky and only have a smallish mess to clean up today instead of finding a new place to live while we rebuild.

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Mouse said...

I'm very glad you are ok!