Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Yesterday Continued:

So, when I finished up with my blog yesterday I was sitting here knitting mittens and watching the birds in the snow.

The first pair of mittens was a child’s size (to give me a good start) and this next pair is man’s extra large.

Mountain Man got dressed in his ‘Gonna’ get grungy under the car cloths’ and headed outside with a sheet of plastic for the ground. I anticipated he would be back in no time stating the obvious. That it was not the best of conditions to be working on a car, with that adorable look of apology in his doe brown eyes that I can’t resist.

He did come back a few times to warm his hands and or collect different glasses to see better. And as the rounds of knitting collected on my needles the snow stopped falling and I heard a sound. It was the car starting. Woo whoo!

With the holiday of Thanksgiving changing the shopping pattern of the week we made a mad dash to change our cloths and hit the grocery stores and the post office. (Knotty Mouse your prize is in the mail. I hope you enjoy the necklace and it gets there in quick time.)

Life is good and I have a lot to be thankful for, even if I can’t eat the turkey tomorrow. (Poultry allergies.) I have more good in my life then bad all totaled. Yes, I miss my son all the time and holidays even more but knitting these mittens helps in a way. Having the Epitaph Contest is fun for me and is helping me know some more of you a little bit better with the extra emails going back and forth. And the epitaphs of the week are getting a boost too.

Thank you all for sending in epitaphs and keep on sending them. Not everyone that reads my blog is having a holiday to keep them too busy to send an epitaph in. But for those that have the time, chances are good for a prize right now since no one has sent in an entry yet this week. (Look on last Sundays blog for the prizes offered.)

I know that a lot of you will be busy with family, friends and holiday food tomorrow thou not every one that reads my blog will be. So I’ll say it today for those that are, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And to those that are not I’ll be back here tomorrow to enjoy the day.

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