Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On Looking for Better Weather:

First, yesterday Sooticas Dreams got back to me about the Epitaph Contest and had me donate her prize from the first week of the contest to charity. You can see her blog ‘Fallen Angel and Hidden Demon’ here.

I am getting on well with the 19 pair of Kevin mittens by the end of the year. One pair done and I’ve started another. I’m trying to get ahead of myself because I know that there are holidays coming before I am done and those days are not likely to produce mittens.

Mountain Man got the latest replacement part for the car yesterday. The only trouble was it wasn’t available until later in the afternoon and it was getting dark by the time his ride got him home.

Today it is windy, cold, raining, snowing and generally retched outside. No, the car is not in a garage. It is out in the yard up on lift ramps (so he could get the original part out) and yes the car is incased in a layer of ice. It is questionable as to whether the car will be back on the road today.

Lady Short, our Pug dog, had a bad day yesterday and couldn’t get up and walk for more then a few feet before sinking down to the floor again. She is in no pain and is walking today but with a bad wobble. It is hard watching her grow old. I still think of her as a puppy.

I’m wrapped in a woolen blanket and sitting on the window seat. I’m knitting and watching the bird feeder out the window with a cup of tea in arms reach. I can wait for better weather.

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