Thursday, November 13, 2008

On Slug Salad Day:

This was my Grandmother’s answering letter to my Aunt writing ‘Make Slug Salad’ on my Grandmother’s calendar page for November thirteenth.
To this one I add with a disclaimer in Bold because I don’t want anyone to think it is a real recipe.
This is just a silly ‘not real’ recipe. This is not meant to be eaten.

Slug Salad

2 doz. Slugs - ripe
1 / 2 cup snakes lips
I left front frogs foot. finely chopped
2 snail eggs
Small dash tobacco juice
Mix well with lizard milk and serve cold on skunk cabbage leaves.
Garnish with 1 cup of spiders eyebrows.
Serves 4 if they can take it. Yech!!

Do Not Eat! This is just for reading fun and not meant to be eaten as some of the ingredients are Poison, Toxic, Dangerous.

We in the family refer to Slug Salad on a regular bases since then. It covers a wide variety of things from recipes that didn’t come out right to mood lifters like, ‘If you don’t wipe that frown from your face, I’m gonna’ server you Slug Salad.’ Which always produced a smile.

I miss my grandmother and her laughter. She was a big part of my younger life. But there will always be the Slug Salad references to keep her humor in mind.

Next month on the thirteenth, Belly Button Lint Day.

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