Monday, November 3, 2008

On October Updates in November:

The snow storm came and went last week and the only thing we lost that mattered to us was the Trumpet Vine. The pictures are of the vine from before and after. Mountain Man has been working on the wall again. And I am back in good humor after my bad allergy day.

For those of you who knew about it, my hand has been healing well from the bad burn I got back handing the inside of the woodstove door while putting wood into it last month.

I am back to using my exercise bike and the pounds are starting to come off again. I will not do the 30 miles a day I had been before I stopped because my knees were hurting but without it I just can’t stay on top of my weight. (I really can’t wait to be off the cancer med that make me want to eat all the time.) I will still do the yoga, walking and hand weights also to keep my exercise program in balance.

My memory troubles have been getting a bit better of late. The video memory games playing has been paying off. I know this because I don’t have to check my cards as often through out the day. But the secret of my success is still the thousands of index cards I use to keep my life in check.

Yes, that is an entire file box full of 5 x 7 cards just for my Sims games. I just use them to keep tract of my many towns and families of Sims. But they are used and re-used for that purpose. I keep a file box of 3 x 5 cards for household jobs and pull out what needs to be done for the day, placing them back when they are done. And there is another box for my desk which keeps my writing and blogging ideas and information in order. The other card files are for my diet calories, food shopping needs, knitting and crafting projects, and my volunteering.

It actually cuts down on the amount of paper I was using in notes to myself because I reuse them. I pull out the card for the food I need to buy and stick it in my hand bag pocket. I have the cards with me at the store so I don’t forget to buy things and after I shop I put them back in the file until I’m out of the item again.

Tomorrow I’ll update the knitting projects and I have pictures.

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