Monday, November 10, 2008

On Socks with a Perfect Fit:

No body is perfect and I’m no different. I think that is why I like knitting so much. It is forgiving and versatile. And the more you are willing to play around with the pattern, the closer you can get to a perfect fit.

I found that for myself, once I get past the half way point I’m less willing to do the stopping and starting, knitting and tinking/froging it takes to make the fit right.

Enter the sock.
Ankle down sock patterns have the foot and toe at the end of the project. And so I would just forge on to the finish and most socks were too long and/or narrow for my short wide feet. I admit I gave up years ago.

Well, now that I have finished my first pair of toe up socks, you can’t get them off my feet. (Okay, I take them off at night to rinse them out and dry while I sleep then back on the next day.) I need, want, got to have more of these things.

I can fit it on my foot as I go in the first half of the knitting process.

I am a toe up sock convert and sing it proudly. I have plans to turn many sock patterns on their heads.

I can’t start until I have a few other projects done around here. But before the winter is over I’m going to have a lot of them I think.


Mouse said...

I only knit one pair of full socks from the top down that fit.. and I knit THREE single socks that had to be ripped out at the foot because they were too narrow and too tight at the instep. I HATED knitting socks until I finally tried toe-up (and magic loop because the ladders between dpns were driving me mad) and have loved socks ever since.

SooticasDream said...

Wish I could knit that well (they look really cosy)....I suppose I could crochet a pair, but boy would they be thick!!!