Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On Project Updates:

I had to re-start my toe up socks over again because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and I skipped the step of doing a test piece to see my gage. I found out when I had both socks done from toe to the start of the ankle that they were too long by an inch and a half and too wide for my wide feet also so I had to use a smaller set of needles. So I pulled it all out and got my size 2 US or 2.75 mm needles into gear. This time I’m having more fun for having learned the pattern and I can just move thru with less stopping and re-checking of the pattern.

Once I had found that I was using the right size needles for the yarn I was working with, I then went on a hunt around the house to make more needles so I could do up both socks at the same time. I found that the cheep bamboo skewers in the kitchen were the right size and in the next two and a half hours I had two sets of number 2 US or 2.75 mm double pointed needles. The only reason they took so long to make were that they needed a coat of clear nail polish to keep the fibers from catching.

I was displeased with the yarn I had chosen to make the Sheldon the Turtle with and have lost interest. It was left over from another project. So his head/body is stuffed but without eyes, legs or shell. And he sits in my knitting caldron waiting for me to feel sorry for him enough to finish him.

I have not been working on the large throw for the bed lately. Mostly because now that it has gotten colder I haven’t been knitting in the bedroom in the evenings, it’s just too cool in there. I even moved my computer out of there and into the family room for the winter. So now that I’ve gotten the throw out and for the picture I’ll have to put the weight of it on the table while I work on the throw where it is warmer. It won’t be finish any time soon but I only have three more balls of yarn to add to it. Nine balls are in it already.

Most of my knitting has been being done while I’m bicycling away my fat. Yes, that’s me in all my excess weight working it away. Better, thinner, knitting days are coming.

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