Friday, October 31, 2008

On Simple Knitting Fun:

Yes, I know you came here today looking for something spooky for Halloween. Gothy me with my cemetery pictures, horror story writing and all that. But for me Halloween is not a big deal. So I will leave it to those that only do it in one big bang on only one day of the year.

I dress up everyday and ghosts don’t pick only this day to say ‘boo!’ to me. I write my horror stories on any given day of the year. So that said, I will say, “Welcome to my world for the day.” and I will get on to what is really exciting me today.

I spent last evening and some of this morning making two sets of US 4 or 3.5 double point knitting needles out of Poplar dowels. I have a set of steel but I don’t like how the weight of them pulls them out of my work. I spend far too much time putting them back in place.

The reason I made two sets is that I want to make both socks of the pair of socks at the same time. I even made a few extras for dropped needles while I‘m working.

This will be a two fold new project for me because they are also the first toe up socks I’m making. I have always hated the waiting for the second sock to come off the needles. So this is something I’m going to enjoy.

The label on the yarn says Sassy Stripes, stripes and patterns appear as you knit or crochet. I’m really going too have some fun with this project.

The yarn is an acrylic Moda-Dea from Coats, size 3 and I’m using the color Stormy. It has a web address on the label if you are interested. I saved it from a discount bin in the clearance isle of one of my local, national chain, craft stores. And who can say no to a pair of self knitted socks for under two dollars? (Even if they are acrylic. They too have there uses.)

The Pattern is from Cookie A. and can be found here.

Edit: I have added the lace pattern I used here in my Nov 1, 08 blog posting.

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