Thursday, October 30, 2008

On The End of the Fall/Winter Storm:

The yard outside my window this morning once it got light.

The lights are back on for most folks around here. There is still a lot of clean up of downed trees and branches to be done. The early winter storm will be only a memory by tomorrow when the temp will be back up and the kids will be out hunting candy and fright on Halloween.

I was busy knitting up a storm of my own. I made a 100% woolen toilet paper scarf. Out of a bulky Acrylic, Mohair, Nylon mix one small and most of a larger Jester Hats for cancer patents, and a blond Hallow Wig. . And I’m a quarter of the way through a Sheldon the Turtle made of Wool-Ease Acrylic/Wool blend. All of these are from Lions Brand Yarns gotten at a discount sale.

The hats still need bells on the horn points. And I amazed myself by how much I got done when there wasn’t much of anything else to do. By that I mean I couldn’t play my video games.

I will revisit my Sims video game today mostly because I had just gotten the latest expansion pack ‘Apartment Life’ loaded on Monday. This is because I don’t add them until the patch is available and it only came out last Thursday.

Witches and Warlocks have come to live in my Sims towns now, just in time for Halloween. Magic and secret rooms will be luring my hands away from my knitting needles for a while I fear. And you know where you can find me tomorrow. The Sims in the town of Belladonna Cove are calling me to play.

Edit: The Jester Hat pattern is missing some information that I added here in my Nov. 01, 08 blog posting.

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