Saturday, October 18, 2008

On SeasonalDecorating the House:

I am quietly typing this as the company sleeps.

The Kids arrived last night for a week end visit safe and sound. The Daughter Princess and Prince Charming brought with them the royal dog Lady Energy. My dogs Lady Short and Lady Long were glad to see their good friend again. It was a barking good reunion.

I’ll show you pictures of the shoulder wrap I knitted her tomorrow. The camera is in the room they are sleeping in.

On to the subject entitled: The yellow jackets are all gone. Woo hoo! What a strange few days. And a great second use for my veiled hats by the way.

The house is clean and decorated for autumn. I know, kind of on the late side this year. I usually do my fall cleaning and decorating in September. And next year I’m going back to that plan. I just though I’d wait until after canning season to do it all in one shot. Lets just say it wasn’t one of my brightest ideas.

True I got it all out of the way in one fell swoop. But I have the aches and pains to prove it. And I don’t get to enjoy my Autumn decorations as long before the winter stuff comes out. I’m a seasonal decorator.

I don’t do the holiday decoration thing. I’ve long since given up the need to decorate for just a days events. Mostly because my house is done in Country Victorian. This means lots of stuff all over the place. Decorative clutter on most every surface.

As for decorating the yard? I’m on a privet drive, on a dead end road, and the house can’t be seen from the road. Who would see it? I’m getting too old to decorate the yard just for myself and the occasional delivery person.

Then there is the space to store thing issue. No, I’ll keep my decorating down to a controllable seasonal chaos.

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Judith said...

I don't get around to decorating, either. I have two jobs and no children. I'm sorry to say I don't even get a Christmas tree put up most years, and that's because (1) we really don't have the money and (2) I'm the one who gets stuck with taking it down afterward. There was one year, honestly, when the Christmas tree was up all year!

Oh, well!