Sunday, October 19, 2008

On The Shawl Project:

The Daughter Princess and Prince Charming have just gotten on the road. It was a busy fun weekend. We had a few people over on Saturday evening so they could do all their visiting in town at one time.

I made a wrap type shawl for my Princess and she loved it.

The piece is made of Lion Brand Yarn their Moonlight Mohair style of yarn the color Safari. It’s a soft mohair and metallic two strand light bulky yarn. I used size 8 US and 12 US needles. It is done in garter stitch with yarn over and knit 2 together combos along with double yo on the larger needles that I let drop so that I could get the longer stitch rows. On some of these long stitch rows I crocheted a chain stitch catching up, by going around six strands of the long stitch row as I went along the chain at about every fourth stitch using a G hook. It made a nice lacy grouping pattern don’t you think?

I made up the pattern as I went along and no two garter stitch bands, between the long stitch rows, were the same. The yo/k 2 tog’s mixed in with the garter stitch rows gave it a lacy look.

I did not write the pattern down because I wanted it to be a one of a kind thing for her. I added tassels to the short ends of the rectangle and I was done.

I liked it enough to want to make one for myself in the black/gray/silver color and I already bought the yarn. I will write the pattern down for that one and share it with you here. But for now I have other things on my needles.

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Mouse said...

Very pretty! I have a skein of that Moonlight Mohair stuff that I've never used because someone gave it to me and I had NO idea what to do with it. I'll have to combine it with some black yarn and make a scarf!