Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Winter’s Coming:

The leaves have past their peak of color and some trees are almost bare. The sky’s are still strikingly assure blue in color, but as the days grow shorter they become grayer.

I love the look of a bare tree or bush in its skeletal starkness against a gray sky. I like the play of light and dark and often change the pictures I take of things around my home to black and white. I like to play with shadows and watch them march across the floor or ground as the day moves on. I have even waited hours for a shadow to be just right to take a picture I wanted.

I also like the cold outside and warmth inside. Going through the portal of the door into a stark white world of winter. And the coming back into the warm colorful comfortable house.

I can sit for hours wrapped in a quilt on the window seat watching the snow fall. I make lacy snow flakes with miles of thread going through my fingers over the years. I tat and crochet them, sewing them onto a pillow or stiffen them and hang them on a thread in the window. I’ve made beaded snow flakes, wire ones, needle point, and cross stitch. I’ve spent endless hours since childhood cutting them from paper.

Winter is coming and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll stay up late to watch the moon shine and make moon shadows on the snowy yard. It is magic to me. I like the steam from my lips and the snow angles littering my lawn.

I have a Sims town that they live in perpetual winter, making snowmen and having endless snowball fights. They drink cocoa and go on ice skating party’s. They do their swimming and growing of plants in glass buildings while the snow falls outside.

I can’t say I love winter best because I look forward to all the seasons as they rotate around the calendar. To me all of them are unique and has its own space and in time but right now I am awaiting winter with a smile on my face.

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