Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Fall Cleaning:

Okay, yesterday was Silly Day the Thirteenth so I didn’t tell you what I was up to. I was doing my fall cleaning. You know the kind of cleaning that takes the better part of a week and every piece of furniture you own gets moved to do it.

Today I’m recovering from what I did yesterday. I was washing windows inside and out. Moving furniture in some of the rooms to wash the walls, dusting ceilings, you know the whole thing.

I was even raking leaves and cutting back spent greenery around the house. Not to mention lots of laundry from curtains and bedding, to winter mittens and scarves out of storage.

I did not get any video games played, stories written, knitting knitted, or crafts crafted and I’m not likely to do so today. My hands just hurt. (Right down to my warts. Ha, ha.)

I will watch the leaves fall from the trees and read a good book. I may even take a walk in the woods. I might get back to studying ‘The Dead Sea Scrolls’ again. I dropped it when I started my writing class and I miss it.

Tomorrow I will be back to cleaning and airing things out because I’m not half way finished. In fact some rooms haven’t even been started yet. But today I’m just going to watch the world go by.

Happy Autumn!

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Mouse said...

Is it strange and wrong that I have total wash-line envy? I've got a bunch of small wash lines on the eves of the porch... but I wish I were able to hang out more than one load of laundry at a time! Your property is BEAUTIFUL.. what gorgeous fall colors. I'm a bit fall color deprived here in GA at the moment.