Monday, October 13, 2008

On Oct 13th Fun Day:

This one is from my Grandmother, may she rest in peace.

October 13th is here.


It has come to our attention that there has been a drastic reduction of “Wart” collectors. This can’t be! We must not let this happen.

As of now there is a great possibility of “Warts” becoming extinct. What a tragedy. We ask---no, we “BEG” you not to let such a terrible thing happen.

Won’t you give just a few minutes of your time to collecting some “Warts” for the future generation? If you don’t have any, maybe a friend or neighbor would be glad to donate to such a worthy undertaking.

If we allow these “Warts” to become a thing of the past, there’s a possibility that the youth of the future will be ignorant of such a thing. It must be brought to the attention of the youth of America, nay the world, that “Wart” collecting is a thing that must be kept up and plays a vital part in their lives or they will never know what a “Wart” was.

We are trying to get as many members as we can, so won’t you try to interest your friends in this glorious and soul satisfying hobby of collection “Warts”?

Some people won’t have to go far to look for them and think how happy a small thing like collection “Warts” could make them.

This is a non-profit organization and is free to anyone who cares enough to want to join. So far our members are few but with some help from other “Wart lovers” we hope to increase out membership.

Meetings are every 6th Sunday of the month at the following address:
Wart Colosseum
13 Frog Hollow

Our National Wart Observation Day is October 13th.
Presiding over the meetings will be the great potentate--Wart Hogg

P.S. I’m sure this will be no skin off your nose.

Thank you,
Secretary to W. H.

Next Month on silly the thirteenth: For all of you who have been waiting for more recipes, Slug Salad. Another silly day from my aunt and grandmother.

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