Friday, October 24, 2008

On Decisions for Holidays:

We are now one week from Halloween. I still have not decided what, if anything, I’m going to dress up as. Last year I dressed as an owl woman.

We were fooling around with some wigs the other day. But nothing is screaming, ‘Go for it.’

It’s not that I don’t like to dress up. It’s the no where to go thing. I didn’t get an invite this year to any of the parties I’d care to go to, and because Mountain Man doesn’t do Halloween we don’t have a party here. Also we are so far out in the woods no one comes trick or treating and never has.

I don’t do the clubbing thing. ‘Look at the wrinkly hanging with all those kids.’ And since I goth it up any day of the year I like to do something different on Halloween.

I may just sit home and write some more stories. A new writers group is starting up next month. And I haven’t been doing a lot of story writing lately. In fact only one short story so far this month.

What ever I do decide to do I will have fun doing it. Do to all the stuff I’ve been doing around here I haven’t even gotten into the cemetery for pictures lately either. I stay away from the cemeteries around Halloween anyway. The freaky people come out around then trying to prove something. And I’m still not sure what that is yet. But I’m not getting involved.

I grew up a half a suburbian block from a cemetery. I spent many a wonderful childhood hour playing there. It was old even then and had been built over a Native American grave mound. A lot of history there.

I’ve never seen a ghost on Halloween either. I’ve seen them at other times but never Halloween so I don’t think I’ll be missing anything.

So if you have any ideas for some solitary Halloween fun let me know? Maybe I’ll just visit some scary sights on the web and call it a day. Who knows? It isn’t here yet.

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Mouse said...

Hubby and I like to rent horror movies (the scarier the better) and eat popcorn & candy. My birthday is a few days before Samhain so we usually celebrate both on the same day.. which means that I always get cake on Halloween/Samhain.

I'm really not feeling any costumes this year myself. I forgot to order the goggles I wanted.. so airship pirate is out for this year.