Thursday, October 16, 2008

On Family Traditions or Holiday’s:

Every family has them. That dish from Auntie that gets made for every Thanksgiving or that silly song that gets played every Christmas. Or those home made holidays, like a family trip to see the autumn leaves taken every year or a family egg hunt on Easter in the yard.

I started the first new holiday for our family when the kids were little. We started to bake chocolate chip cookies on the day the first person in the family sees the first snow flurries of the year. One year we had to wait until February and of course cookies were made before then. But the flurry cookies are just different. It’s a family thing.

The days are getting shorter and colder around here. The local weather personality has threatened snow flurries in the next few weeks and I have made sure that I had gotten all the ingredients together so at the first flake we can drop whatever we are doing to bake some first snow cookies.

Mountain Man and I have more then the usual because we don’t do the same religious holidays. This has lead to making more self inspired home made holidays. We have harvest day where we go apple picking and come home to make appley goodies.

We have tea party day and snowperson day, picnic day and first flower day. We also have others like water balloon day. All have decorations and foods, games and music. We even have a list of rules for the making of new holidays.

It’s nice to have holidays that everyone is familiar with but there is something to be said for special days just for a family group. And they can be cheaper too.

We are not the only family to have these home made holidays. I’ve found others on the web. You might want to try it yourself with family or friends. We have all been having hard times and it’s nice to turn a regular day into something special with little more than saying the magic words.

Repeat after me, “Today is a special holiday it’s (Fill in the blank) ____________ Day.” It’s all in the attitude. Now go make some fun while I wait for the first snow flake.

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