Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Sleeping In:

Today I slept in. I don’t do that often. I’m one of those people who wake naturally every morning at about the same time without an alarm clock.

I find sleeping-in a strange occurrence. The day doesn’t start quite right. Everything is off time and tempo. I missed my morning Yoga. I missed my morning pill. The day is out of order.

How do people do this sleeping in thing? I suppose that it is something good to people who don’t sleep enough. I sleep less then the suggested eight hours on a regular basis. Still, I just wake up the same time every day. That is most days… Except for days like today.

To me it’s a cause for concern. Am I sick? Is my body out of balance? Am I working too hard? Am I depressed about something? No, I just over slept even though I was in bed at the usual time.

I have never been able to plan a sleep in. I have stayed in bed wide eyed and bushy tailed, chomping at the bit to start the day. I just don’t know how to roll over and go back to sleep. I can’t make my body do that.

I am just a morning person. I dislike missing a moment of the morning. Hearing the first bird sing. Seeing the first blush of light glow in the pre dawn sky. Opening myself to the possibilities along with nature.

I like starting a new day, not one semi used. Like opening a pre-read news paper. It is not the same. The news print hasn’t changed but the crisp freshness is gone. I wonder what I have missed. A rabbit crossing the lawn? A deer in the field? A new bird traveling through? It is lost, gone to my experience of this day.

Tomorrow will be like the others. Early to bed, early to rise. Mountain Man will stay up late and sleep-in in the morning. And the rhythm of our lives will be restored. But for me, today I am missing something. A piece of the morning I can never get back.

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Mouse said...

I used to LOVE to sleep in.. sadly my anxiety wakes me up every day at 630AM whether I want to be up or not. After that I can't go back to sleep even if I wanted to. My husband is a night owl & late riser as well..