Friday, October 3, 2008

On Knitting A Pumpkin Hat:

I was watching TV last night and of course watching the debate. I will not comment except to say that I am registered as an Independent voter and found it interesting.

I started to make the Pumpkin Hat I found over at Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog. I wanted to make it in a different size so I spent most of my time knitting and tinkking (Tink - knit spelled backwards - to un-knit.) until I got it right for what I was looking for.

So anyway this is all I have done at the moment. The gourd in the picture is from the garden by the way.

Basically I started with a size 6 US needle and instead of k4, p4 for the first inch I did k2, p2. Then moved up to the size 9 needles for the remainder. Oh, and I’m making the six inches into seven. This made it have a smaller hatband size like for a child.

I am making mine for the center piece on the table so I will stuff it for that and then give the hat away to a kid I know. Two for the price of one.

I have no time to do much knitting these days. Although I am trying to get a few projects finished and out of the way. With Fall cleaning of the house getting all the winter stuff out of storage and the summer stuff into said storage and the canning done I will have to make up for lost time in the winter months. (I haven’t written more then one short story in the last week if that give you an indication of how busy I‘ve been.)

I’ll show you the finished hat center piece tomorrow. I’m back on my feet and running to catch up.

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