Friday, October 10, 2008

On Random Thoughts Friday:

So today I’ll be quick mostly because Mountain Man has a dentist appointment and I gotta’ go soon or I won‘t be able to go with him and do some shopping for the weekend.

I’m working on a knitted gift to someone that reads this blog so you’ll have to wait until the later part of the month to see that.

I tripped and broke(Okay stepped on and mangled, I don‘t want to talk about it.) the pine basket I had been working on. I haven’t decided whether to make another try at it yet.

I started another knitted wig, this time in neon orange. And I have yellow to do a blond one after that.

The Daughter Princess and Prince Charming (the fiancé) are coming for a visit next weekend. I haven’t seen both of them in a while and I’m looking forward to it. My daughter was here in the summer.

I’ve gained weight from the exercise coach kafuffle and nibbling away my economy worries. ‘Cookies are not going to help.’ My new mantra. And yes, I know I need a more positive mantra then that one.

I’m so loving the autumn colors I’m not getting my house work done, by this I mostly mean laundry. (Don’t you dare look under the bed at the dust bunnies. They are in a delicate state of reproduction.)

I am in the process of gathering everything I need to make myself a new corset. I figure a week of looking at myself in the mirror for fittings will get me back on the road to weight loss. (Something’s got to help. Help. Help me please!) Did I say that out loud?

Okay I gotta’ go. Mountain Man is in the car already. Have a good weekend everybody.

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Judith said...

Damn, I thought cookies (especially the chocolate chip ones) solved everything!