Thursday, October 23, 2008

On Ticks Don’t Tickle Me:

I have been trying to get some craft projects done around here. But I have been thwarted by other things, large and small. From the annoyance of the windy weather blowing leaves into my door every time I open it. Too ticks both dog and deer on the dogs and us, jumping from the dogs to us, or dead but half engorged on the floor, often squished by the way.

I feel like I’m in one of those dreams where you are running full out but you are hardly getting anywhere. I am hoping that the cold snap we are having will kill off the ticks but the weather is supposed to get warmer again soon. I just want to stop being the tick police around here.

By the way it is not just at my house because I had a heck of a time finding tick meds for the dogs and everyone at the grocery store are talking about the out break of ticks this year.

As to the leaves. My kitchen door is pretty much flush with the ground. No matter how often I rake and haul them away more leaves fall and replace them. A small thing really except for the ticks that have jumped on the leaves as they blow around. That is how I’ve been getting most of the ticks on me, by raking and hauling the leaves away from the house. I feel like the leech scene in the movie ‘African Queen’ every time I go to rake.

I’m spreading borax all over the house to repel them from infesting the carpets and the vacuum cleaner is being overworked. I’m even burning the used vacuum bags to kill anything in them. This is the first time I‘ve had to deal with ticks like this. Most years I’ve never seen one of them no matter how hard I‘ve looked.

Any helpful suggestions on ticks out there, because I’m overwhelmed? Help, I’m being tick-led to death!

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