Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On Vegetable Soup:

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. I have allergies to foods. This makes life interesting at times but mostly it’s made me a canner of soups. I have to make my own vegetable soup because I haven’t found one brand that doesn’t have something I’m allergic to in it. I am also a vegetarian.

I like vegetable soup enough to eat it almost every day. Yesterday we made vegetable soup. Not a pot of soup, No. A vat of soup. We take a large plastic container, wash it out and start pealing and cutting up the vegetables that we had collected the day before.

I always try to get at least 14 vegetables into my veggie soup but it always starts with carrots. 12 pounds of carrots in fact. Cabbage and sweet potatoes, lima beans and corn, Green and yellow beans and even beets and spinach are all added along with other things from the garden or in the frig.

We spend hours cutting up the fruits of our garden and adding them to the bin of water. Yes, that is a 66 quart container more then half full. No, we didn’t fill it you need a lot of stirring room. I did take the picture before we were done adding things though. After we mix it all up it gets ladled into large, four gallon pots to cook and be canned.

We got enough soup to last me for the next few months. This batch of soup has 18 different veggies in it. I love autumn soup time. It just makes me warm inside. Or is that just a belly full of soup?

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Erik said...

Yeah, that's a lot of soup!
And I hear ya about the allergies. I just recently determined that I am Celiac, so no more wheat or barley for me :(
Not being vegetarian my restrictions are not as widespread as yours, but I completely understand the desire to make large batches of food from scratch. At least that way you know EVERYTHING that goes into it.