Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On The Romance of Stainless Steel:

For years Mountain Man and I have been looking for a replacement for his wedding ring. We had gotten matching plain gold bands when we were married some nineteen years ago.

The trouble was that with all the work Mountain Man does his ring once larger and thicker then my ring was wearing out to a bent up mess heading for breakage. Note the picture of his next to mine.

We were on the lookout for a replacement before he lost his ring in a stone wall somewhere. He was being a bit fussy about it not wanting to give up the original. But I was determined that he not wait until the first one broke.

We went to jewelry stores and jewelry sales but he didn’t like what they had to offer. He wanted something stronger and longer wearing then a plain gold band.

So we were in Kmart the other day and what did I see but a stainless steel man’s wedding ring. He was unsure at first but after he tried it on he was sold. A manly mans ring if ever there was one.

Our rings no longer match but what is important to me is that he still has the original in one piece and not under a rock somewhere. And he can still wear the one we exchanged at our wedding for special occasions.

There weren’t any in my size or even close of the stainless steel so I’m not getting a matching one. But some how it doesn’t matter. He is happy and so I am also.

Nothing says I love you like a Stainless Steel wedding ring. This one is made to last.

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That is cool!