Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On Autumn Changes:

The colors have really come out in the last few days. Autumnal splendor has come to visit my yard. I am blessed with a variety of trees and bushes to see on my walks in the woods. The changes are daily as one after another has a color metamorphosis then drops their leaves.

The bright golden yellow, orange, rust, coral, red, brown and lemon-lime against the deep green of the pines. I wish I had some pictures for you this morning but I’m not getting around well yet and the fog is thick as pea soup right now.

I like to take early morning foggy pictures of the color in a blurry mosaic. I tried to get some this morning from the window and my camera just focused on the window screen and my screens don‘t open from inside. I even tried to get them with the camera right up against the screen but all I got was fog in a grid.

I thought about sending out a picture of last years colors but each year is so different that it felt like a lie. I will go out later and get some pictures but I promise not to bore you with daily pictures of colored leaves.

I did that once. I took daily pictures from the same spot, at the same view. I almost got it every day too. Nice idea but boring in the long run. It only works when you string them together fast like a movie and then how many times can you look at it. Maybe I should have picked a better view but as I was making it easy to do so I wouldn’t have an excuse to quit in knee high snow, so I didn’t.

Anyway, I’m loving the autumn color show outside of my house. It makes me happy to watch the changes. And I look forward to stark contrast of the winter. There is a future to look forward to. It may not be all roses and green for awhile but I will find the beauty in it non the less.

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