Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On New Leaves:

There are a lot of new leaves out side this spring. New month and a new start.

My own new leaf that I am turning over, is that I am restarting my exercise program.

I did 50 steps on the stair stepper. (Stop laughing at the way I was clutching onto the handles for dear life.) I don’t have any steps to go up or down, in or around my house. Not even a curb.

I did a half an hour on the Wii Game ‘My Fitness Coach’ And I accidentally had it set too high for a first time around, in a long time. They had me using my hand weights too.

I walked for an hour. All be it in the house, because it was raining when I did it. I did do it at a march to dance music.

And I started the day with a half an hour of ‘Yoga for Weight Loss’ video.

I may not loose weight, but I will get a little more fit. And that is the point of it all. To be fit enough to hold onto a baby by October.

Don’t want to drop the first grandchild. Not a good way to start a relationship.

1 comment:

whitey said...

yes you will need those arm muscles after four days of a 3 year old and 9 month old my back was out lifting the little chunky monkey out of the tub had to call in the recruits (older grandkids) to pack her around for me. I need my exercise it keeps my mind in much better shape than my body! good luck with your goal.