Friday, June 25, 2010

On Pieces of Me All Over the Place:

My computer, his name is ‘Rupert‘, is in pieces. He is missing a disk drive. Wires hang from the gaping opening in his side. Parts lay on the desk beside him. He is not happy and neither am I.

(As I am also, now left without my favorite computer games.)

We tried a new external drive and it was not compatible with his programming. We tried a new internal drive and that would not work at all. It looks like the trouble is with Rupert himself. He is no longer able to get power to the drive and therefore will need time under more capable hands.

I need to back up all the massive amounts of information he holds, incase he can not be cured. And next week he will go in for further exploratory measures.

So ‘Gladys’, is now the computer I’ll be using for a while. She can’t handle pictures, she is small, slow and old. Only a notebook you see. She also has trouble holding onto a connection to the internet.

The story blog ‘Thrill or Shiver’ will have to wait for another story. ‘Kevin’s Mittens’ info is on ‘Rupert.’ The info and pictures for all my blogs are on ‘Rupert.’

I’m going to take the weekend to relax and think of ways to make some money for the replacement of ‘Rupert’ some time in the not too distant future. His days are numbered. I believe they were from the time he had that short that shocked me so badly, I still have the scar on my hand, and the fixing of it kept me off the web for over a month while he was being refitted.

I’ll try to be here as often as I can. I may even get to use Mountain Man’s computer from time to time.

Have a good weekend everybody. I’m going to sat with my feet up knitting and reading or watching movies. I’m not going to think about Rupert’s end, only enjoy myself.

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