Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Summer Pinwheel Fun:

Summer made its new start this week and I have for your pleasure ‘Pinwheels.’

Directions here will make pinwheels about a foot across. Smaller paper squares will make smaller pinwheels.

I used card stock paper, but you don’t have to. Color of your choice. (My black one doesn’t show for pictures well, so I used pink here.)

A straight pin.

A bead or two for washers, it helps to spin faster.(optional)

Pencil with good eraser, (not too hard for sticking the pin into)

Scissors and something to mark cutting lines.

To make a Pinwheel.
1 Fold one corner up using the other corner as fold line point. (Do Not cut into a triangle shape.)

2 Mark a line to cut off extra paper and you should have the needed square when opened.
3 Cut off extra paper.
4 Fold the other direction so there are fold lines from each corner and through the center.

5 Mark center with a dot and two thirds of each fold line leaving the center portion unmarked except center point, mark tip ends only.
6 Cut on fold lines.
7 Decide on clockwise or counter clockwise spin.
With the top of square facing you the left point is counter clockwise and the right point is clockwise. (Only one direction can be used at a time. I used right side in the pictures.)

8 Mark points to be folded in, turning paper and mark each side on the same point.

9 Taking the pin (with one bead on it if you are using them) bend marked points in toward the center and poke the pin through each of the four point layers, (You will be poking through the back of the marked point) then through the center point mark.
10 Place second bead, if you are using them, onto the pin.
11 Stick Pin into the pencil eraser.

12 Face pinwheel into the wind and watch it whorl around.

Extra: To make the two colored kind, place two different sheets of paper of different colors together. Glue at center point and make the same way as before. You can even get the kids to color the paper first for one of a kind pinwheels.

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