Monday, June 7, 2010

On Self Discoveries:

I have discovered where some of my migraine headaches have been coming from lately.

My Pillow. Yes, my friendly, nightly, companion. My comfort zone. My allergy free zone pillow.

It turns out that I am a drooler. I drool on my pillow nightly. I have done so for years.

Here to, my pillow did not protest, complain, or retaliate in any way.

I did dry my pillow out in the morning and change the pillow case regularly. I even replaced my pillow twice a year.

But apparently that was not enough. I managed to get a fungal growth down in the fibers, none the less. This caused in me an allergic reaction leading to migraine headaches.

This last one lasted for four days before the cause was found.

New pillows were bought and a steam cleaner is being acquired to prevent further outbreaks.

Who knew a little night drool could be so hazardous to ones health?


Ma Teakettle said...

OMW! I never thought of that, as I am a drooler too....thanks for sharing this info....and hugs for figuring out what was causing your migraines :)



I think that "Little Night Drool" would make a grand band name.

whitey said...

Maybe we all need to get new pillows, but they are hard to replace once you get them broken in!