Thursday, June 17, 2010

On If Its Thursday This Must Be Vet Day:

We are off to visit the Vet again with Sir Laidback, the Puggle. It seems like every week any more.

Lady Long is in the front of this picture as they enjoy the wood stove that is not going at the moment, but they still lay by it anyway.

Last week it was an ear infection. This week a recheck. The week before it was a recheck for the skin condition he was seen for the week before that.

The poor blind dog leaks, bleeds and itches more then not. Allergies are the cause, mostly.

He is such a good, placid fellow. I do hope he can be fixed up before he breaks the bank. We would hate to have to give him up because we can’t afford his care. Mountain Man wouldn’t know what to do without his buddy.

So we are off to the Vets again this week. His ear is doing a lot better. I hope they don’t find anything else wrong with him. I just couldn’t take it if they do.

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