Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Blog Cleaning:

I don’t know about you, but I’m a blog follower link person. By that I mean that I check out the listed blog links of the people I follow.

I pick a blogger every few days and check out all the links in their follow list. I’ve found some wonderful people through these links. But, I have to say, that dead links irritate me.

I try to keep up with my links. If a blogger hasn’t blogged in more than three months, I check on them. If there is no reply or activity by six months, I drop them from the list.

If they move their blog, I try to keep things updated.

I feel cheated finding blog links that are a year or more out dated. And the no longer available label just makes me mad.

People move on, get busy, and sometimes even die. I get that. And I get that we all have things to do.

But holding on to a link no longer active is just poor blog maintenance. And lets face it, you can do what you like with you own living space. But when you invite others in, you should take the time to straighten up a bit every now and again.

If I get shoddy with my blog maintenance, just let me know.


Mouse said...

I don't personally have a 'blogroll" on my blog anymore because the number of blogs I read (via feed-reader) is somewhere in the 300's and I just don't have room for them all on my blog. That said.. I agree with you that if someone is going to bother doing a blogroll they should check up on it twice a year or so and clean up the dead links. I've been to blogs where EVERYTHING on the sidebar comes back with a 404 (dead link) error. Its very irritating!

Siouxsie Law said...

I am a blogroll follower too. And yes the inactive links are completely annoying. I will have to do some housekeeping, keep my roll current.