Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Go with the Flow:

Well, I’ve been missing from blogville again. I was helping out a neighbor who went on a short vacation. I was being their dog walker and feeder.

The trouble was, no not the dogs, the weather. We had on and off thunder storms for days. When it wasn’t raining I was dealing with the dogs, and when it was I had the computers unplugged. (We have gotten hit by lightening a few times already in the past.)

The dogs are fine and back under family care.

I got wet repeatedly. And was off buying new sneakers. Some of my older ones are still damp. Some of the money for the new sneaks came from the dog sitting.

On the good side we dodged the bullet. Only a few towns away they got flash flooding, basements flooded and trees down. Over three inches of rain in a short time. At least not as bad as the mid west got.

All in all, a different kind of weekend for me. I did get to read quite a bit while waiting out the storms. But no knitting. It was a non-crafting household and those dogs aren’t craft trained.

Hope you had a good weekend too.

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