Monday, June 21, 2010

On Broken Glass Houses:

I humbly apologize to all out there in blog land. I have hoisted myself on my own petard. I have no less then two blogs which I have left fallow, yet are still up on my blog link list.

It started with the less then stellar d├ębut of my charity blog called Kevin’s Mittens. I started it as a remembrance of my son who died over ten years ago, leaving a gap in the community for helping the homeless and needy.

The friends and family I got verbal backing for, did not physically materialize. (They left me high and dry, folks.) Added to that the lack of finding places that excepted my offerings. (Fancy a charity not wanting mittens unless they were in bulk.) I lost heart, people. How could I ask others to make mittens and give them to others in their own community, if I couldn’t do the same?

And my writing blog Thrill or Shiver has had so few comments and feed back, I felt almost totally ignored and more then a bit dissed. (Yes, a few very good people helped me out with one or two stories.) But there are, what, ten stories on there? Does no one read and have a comment?

The whole point of that blog was to improve my writing skills by having people tell me what they liked and did not like about the stories there. I wanted feedback, and still do, good and/or bad.

So yes, I too have a few fairly dead blogs, of my own authorship, on my blog link list.

I’ll just have to do something about that. As soon as I get back from the computer store. My computer Rupert, his disk drive broke over the week end. (It don’t go round no more.) Rupert is sick about it. (Those are his inner workings, you know.)

In the mean time I’ll just get going on knitting a new pair of mittens. I’ll give them out on a street corner myself if I have to next winter. But I’m not going to let the Kevin’s Mittens charity go down in flames.

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