Friday, June 11, 2010

On Get Your Mammograms and or Other Check Ups:

After my yearly mammogram this morning, I popped into one of my local craft stores today, because I had a half off coupon and that almost always means more knitting needles.

And I found some neat Steampunk stuff because I like it and a girl can’t have too many keys, key holes or cogs.

That was my gift to myself. I gift myself every time I get through my yearly boob squish. It is better to look forward to a gift, then to hate and avoid a needed maintenance check up.

And once you have had ‘The Cancer Talk’ you never want to have it again. Thus avoidance creeps in. Followed by lack of self care.

And lets face it, if I’m willing to eat right and do the dreaded daily exercise to stay healthy, I need to have my rechecks after cancer.

So since I’m all done, I get to remind you.

My friend; When did you last have a check up or mammogram? Is it time? I’ll wait here while you go and make that appointment.

Take good care of yourself my friend. I need all the friends I can get. And I bet, so can you.

Is it a deal? I get mine and you get yours. And I won’t stop you from gifting yourself either.

While you are busy, I’ll be over here in the corner playing with my new toys until you are done. Probably making them into jewelry or something.

The words on the keys are Love, Life, Journey, Secret, Memory, Heart, and Dreams. Good words to have around on a day like today.

PS: Sold by the scrap book stuff in the craft store. Full size and weight, by Tim Holtz. The sprockets, and gears pack has four types and in three antiqued colors; gold, brass and silver. The largest cog is a little bigger then the size of a US quarter.


whitey said...

Great reminder! Love all the little gears.

Mouse said...

Ooooh... I love the keyholes!! I actually have a project in the back of my brain that these would go perfect with.. can you email me and let me know which craft store you bought them at?? Thanks.

Judith said...

I'm very glad you're alive.