Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Had a Good Day:

The heat broke yesterday. I slept like a baby. I got a boat load of things done today. Though no knitting yet.

I cleaned out Mountain Man’s computer and got it working again. I blew out all the dust. It was kind of blocking the fan from getting it cool enough to keep working properly. And I found a few minor viruses and other bad stuff too. Killed the buggers off and rebooted. Good again.

I also did laundry. And because the humidity was down, it dried well enough so I could get another two loads out there. I found the floor to the laundry room. Yea me!

I dusted until my arms were sore. And danced while doing it.

Sir Laidback got a bath, he has an appointment again tomorrow. A recheck. Nothing serious. He’s doing good for a change.

I think I’ll watch a movie on DVD tonight and knit the evening away.

I will get hot again, but I’m going to take advantage of these few cooler days and enjoy getting things done.

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Mouse said...

Glad to hear you had a good day. Hubby and I spent our day cleaning & organizing Munchkin's room... it was too much for him to do on his own and everything was sort of dumped in there after our move.