Thursday, July 1, 2010

On Still Cool and Cleaning:

So, today I’m still getting things done, but not at the same pace. My arms are a bit slow because I over did yesterday. Don’t bounce back like I used to.

The cool breeze making its way through the house seems to be blowing the cobwebs out of my brain as well.

I want to start new bigger and better projects. Play in the woods. Sew and knit and craft nonstop.

I am sticking to cleaning for the most part. Tossing stuff from the closets and cabinets no longer in use for us. The thrift stores will pass the stuff on for me and keep the profits. Works for me.

I’m still missing my computer games, but will look on this as a vacation. I had to hook up my old CD player and haul the CD’s out to get some music back in the house. I like the one stop entertainment of my computer, but when the computer is on the blink everything is gone that way.

I’m watching DVD’s on the machine and TV again. Music on the CD player. And Gladys, the laptop, now has a cord out her butt because she can’t do wireless any longer. I needed a connection I could depend on.

I think just stop I’ll make a kite. The weather is just perfect for it and it is just what I need on a day like today.

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whitey said...

I tried to stick to cleaning today but....look where I am at!!