Friday, July 16, 2010

On A Musical Interlude:

Since I haven’t been able to play most of my video games, Rupert the computer still on the outs, I’ve been doing other things and listening to music.

Mostly writing stories while listening. I have been trying to exercise, walking, more than the heat wants to let my body move. You can’t really belly dance in high heat and humidity.

I got a few new CD’s. I’m still old enough to want a backup along with pictures and lyrics. No MP3 downloads for me. And it is not that I don’t enjoy YouTube because I do. But that leads to more sitting.

‘We Are the Fallen’, the group that used to be Evanescence before the split with Amy Lee, has a new lead singer, Carly Smithson, and a new album, ‘Tear the World Down.’

The group made a video for the first song ‘Bury Me Alive’ and I can’t get enough of it. I just love the thing. I of course had to run out and get the album for myself. I relive the video in my head as I listen, any number of times a day.

The song is about a friendship where one friend used the other for gain and killed the friendship, but the video takes another turn.

Here it is. I wonder what you think of it? If you click on the video twice it will take you to Youtube and you can see the making of the video on the same site.

Just for your information. I don’t put YouTube videos of music on my blog, if I haven’t invested in the group by buying their music.

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Well. I like the music itself, the the singer really grates on my nerves. The video is interesting, but I'll pass.