Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On How Not to Scare the Kid:

A have been working on an idea for the baby. Some books about the baby’s family. (Both sides) Trying to keep memories of dead relatives alive and passed on without being morbid. Or ‘How to be Goth to a grandchild and not let your Goth show too much, so the parents don’t hide it away from the kid.’

Using 10 page/20 sided, 6 x 6 plastic pocket photo albums, I’m making picture books of the family, live and dead, with small child captions and info about the people in the family.

I put in colored card stock paper in the plastic pages and making it like a simple style, mini scrap book with the plastic keeping the pages safer from and for the kiddle.

And I’m hoping it will be a nice parent/child ‘read to me’ time for all of them.

Sorry for the grandma moment, there won’t be many, but the idea was too good for me not to pass it on. I’ll show you some pictures when I get it/them put together.

That is, when I’m up and around so I can work the printer and get it put together.


Mouse said...

Hey.. it could be "worse", you could do like the Victorians and make a 'mourning book' of pictures of people AFTER they were dead! Now THAT would be taking the whole thing too far!!
I think what you did sounds lovely-- especially because I have family in different states and don't have photos of them to show my son.

rabbitIng said...

i think this a lovely idea! and don't worry about the grandma moment, I think grandmas are greatly undervalued, except by those who have the good fortune to have a good one, as you are obviously going to be. i revel in my grandchildren, now five in number, oldest nearly 21, rest between 3 months and four years, and so should you. go for it! ;) btw, sorry it's taken so long to post. my life has been so hectic lately, that altho i've been lurking, i've just not had the time. very best wishes therefore also.