Monday, July 26, 2010

On Breathing My Last Mall:

Well the humidity has broken last night and I have been going great guns cleaning and getting things done. No more Malls for me.

Projects - I opened the end seams on two feather comforters. After shaking the feathers to the other end. One was not as full as I’d have liked and the other had a few holes in the cover. It was leaking.

So I opened the end seams about 12 inches. And sewed the two together so that the feathers from the leaking one could get into the other.

After a lot of fluffing, outside by the way, I got all the feathers into the good ticking. I sewed it closed again and tossed the holey cover away. Still sticky with feather detritus. Not worth trying to collect.

I also did a little fun knitting. I started a stained glass window throw. I got the info from a segment of the TV show ‘Knit and Crochet Now.’ The instructions were suppose to be free on the web, but I couldn’t get the download to work. I improvised and I like what I got. Long, knitted, colored, six sided shapes held together with black crochet. With a few squares in between and triangles on the ends and corners to fill it in and make the throw a rectangle in shape when finished.

And by the way, the shopping at the mall over the weekend was at Hot Topic. (First time there.) I found it a bit vanilla. I raided the Clearance rack. Got a few wrist cuff pretties and a gray tank top. Oh, and more then a few ideas for other projects.

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Mouse said...

Hot Topic is definitely not what it was 15+ years ago when I was shopping there!! My son likes the knit hats & Nightmare Before Xmas stuff (he's 9) but I really don't have much of a use for the place except to occasionally browse their clearance section.