Saturday, July 17, 2010

On You Thought What?:

Well, Obviously I wasn’t thinking at all.

I went out into the brown and dying lawn with a ball, the dogs, and my bare feet.

I thought to give them some exercise before it got too hot out for the day.

I guess that part of it was okay.

I policed the area for leavings and cleaned away any piles. Good thinking on my part. (Smiling to myself.)

Anyway, I’m watching the dogs and where the ball is going. Who’s turn it is to catch. But not the ground where I am stepping.

In no time at all I stepped on a stinging bug and my foot was all swollen by the time I could take the few steps into the house for my benadryl.

Back to knitting with my foot up for me.

I should just keep my gothy self inside and never try to see the light of day. I don’t like the sun on my skin anyway.

Now if I could only rig up a ball thrower that interacts with the dogs I’d be golden.


Mouse said...

Ouch! As a perpetual barefooter in the summertime I'm all too well acquainted with stepping on something that stings! Did you know that every single insect we have down here in the South bites, stings, or will set you aflame with its laser eyes?? Its true! ;) Ok, not really.. but it certainly feels like it. *hugs*


Red wasps and bees of all sorts. They are why I never go outside barefoot. Felicitations to you, and thank goodness for benadryl!