Sunday, July 11, 2010

On The Writing of a Story Today:

I spent yesterday in bed. I nursed an earache I gave myself by falling asleep with the fan blowing on my head all night.

I did have a stroke of story writing while stuck in bed and have been typing away at it all day today. So far I like my characters and they have a good set up. I’m moving into the second chapter, and have a good idea where it is going. I’m still not sure who will turn out to be the one to let my main character down and who will willingly or reluctantly save the day.

I like to leave that open and let the story evolve. I don’t like forcing a character into a less then good situation only because I have predestine them. I learn as much about my characters as everyone else when I’m writing them.

Like most of my stories, it all starts with a character that pops into the consciousness of my head and doesn‘t want to be brushed aside for other thoughts.

I watch them as they interact with other characters in there. And once an interesting conversation or situation gets going. I watch to see if a story starts to build around that. I pull in other characters to fill in information and complete the scenes. I help to nurture them as I place them in houses, terrain, neighborhoods, or situations as needed. I’m always asking questions of them, finding out things about them I didn‘t know before.

The information I need for the story I reveal, and the other bits I keep as secrets for another time or situation. Few things they say to me goes to waste. Like putting together a giant puzzle I pull out the pieces that fit best, matching the seams to reveal the picture. A picture I have yet to see clearly until it is done.

I’m enjoying the process, the discovery, and the new entertainment. I watch them play before me and write down the parts that work.

I may never get a book on a library shelf. But having fun writing stories is all I need right now.

I hope you can find such fun in your days too.


ScarySweetheart said...

Since I didn't know where else to put this, here's a response to your comment about my bellydance video:

Thank you so very much! I appreciate your kind comment and your "cheering from afar". =)

I'm definitely going to try something different with my costume and hair before the show, haha. This was a simple practice, thank goodness. I'll know what NOT to do on performance day! ;)

Oh! And by the way, I can't wait to read your stories. I love stories. ^_^

Hugs, prayers and blessings,

Casandra <3

Silvia said...

I find that great characters for stories evolve from my early mornings, in those moments between dreaming and waking. I hope that one day I'll get enough discipline to write the scenarios down and get a book written.