Sunday, July 18, 2010

On To Laugh or Not to Laugh:

Some days you get the point across and others you don’t.

Today I write my blog while stuck on my back, because I put it out yesterday when my chair broke under me, throwing me to the floor. I laughed.

I laughed then and I laugh now. I laughed through my tears when the bug stung me yesterday.

I say this because I’ve been having a bit of a run of bad luck and laughing it off. But this has not been coming through in my blog writing.

I don’t know if my cup is half empty or half full at any given moment, but I do know that how I choose to react to the world around me either helps or hurts me.

So here I lay. Flat on my back. My stung foot up on a pillow. Looking over the frames of my glasses at a blurry world. And I choose to be having the time of my life.

I got a good bed to be stuck in, books to read, TV and movies to watch, snacks, knitting, dogs and a husband who loves me.

If I bitch and moan I repel others of whom I need to help me. But besides that, I only make myself more miserable. So why do it?

I choose to laugh at myself and my bad luck of the moment. Sorry I didn’t do a better job of letting you join me in the fun.


whitey said...

love your attitude, and strong will

Anonymous said...

Fantastic attitude. Too often we simply complain about the bad stuff that's happening to us instead of looking at the good stuff we have.

Hope you're soon feeling better.