Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On Hanging by a Muse:

I have been typing franticly away for days now. Coming up for air and food and a little sleep from time to time. Three stories alternately. Yes, I said working on three totally different stories at the same time.

One is the story that came to me the other day.

Two is a story that didn’t have an ending for, let me see… about seven years now. That is until some character in the story I was working on got to talking and gave me the idea, or I should say permission to use his story, for it‘s ending. (At least I had a hard copy and a disk of that one.)

Three is a story for my ‘Thrill or Shiver’ short story blog. As the others are not short stories and not for that venue. And, I have been neglecting it shamefully. (Most all my stories are on Rupert, the dead computer, at the moment and I had to start over with another short story. Until, I get a new computer and can move all my ‘works in progress.’)

It sounds a bit obsessive when I say it that way, but really it is more like; working hard at a job you love, playing hard at the tennis club, and then stopping to relax by working on a craft project.

Next to no knitting has been getting done. The house is getting buried in dust and laundry. I’m getting fatter with lack of exercise. But I’m having too much fun to stop right now.

Such is life, when one is willing to dance with a muse. If you don’t watch out, you are hanging by your toes in said muses web. At least I’m already dressed for a funeral, if it is for my own.

No, not that bad. Just having some fun, before I get back to work. This Muse shall pass and I’ll be back and boring once again.

But for now, I dance on a string.

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