Thursday, July 15, 2010

On Eyes of the Beholder or Looker?:

I got my new eye glasses today. They are nice and stylish. Silver and black. But they do not fill the bill for me.

I like my glass to be more function then fashion. I like larger, not huge mind you, lenses so I can move my eyeballs to the thing I want to look at and not have to whip my head around all day.

Have you noticed that everyone with glasses are movement challenged now? They make herky-jerky head movements to see the things around them. The smaller frames have everyone with their noses in the air, so they can see what is in front of them.

Sorry, but I don’t want to look up your nose or have you look up mine.

The alternative is looking over the glasses and seeing you all blurry and out of focus. If I’m interested in talking with you, I’d like to see who I am talking to. But apparently I’m not supposed to see the expression on your face unless I show you my nose hairs or worse.

Before you say, ‘Try the web.’ I can’t get what I want at my eye doctors. And can’t afford another program. So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

And I have the added trouble of having a small head. I wear kid sized glasses. Have you looked at the selection of frames on the kids rack? I’m a grown woman and you can’t make me wear tiny princess’s on shocking pink my frames.

This also adds to the smallness of the lenses I have to wear. My new glasses may be fashionable and trying to make me look all cool and hip…

But I feel like I’m getting a crook in my neck, and that the people around me think I’m stuck up or just clumsy. Because I’m either with my nose in the air to see clearly or looking over the frames at the world in a blur.

And don’t get me started at the amount of lenses area I get to look out of with my small glasses being bifocals.

I may get used to living with my new glasses, but I don’t have to like them. And if that makes me fussy so be it. I just want to see without whipping myself in the face with my ponytail every time I move.

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rabbitIng said...

varifocals now, and that's problematic with smaller lenses. and fashion's ok up to a point, but what about practically. the only consolation I can offer is, that by the time you next buy glasses, the fashion world will have turned, and maybe big will be 'in' again! ;)