Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On If Its Tuesday, I Must be a Balled Senior:

It is in fact a Tuesday. Around here Tuesday is Senior Citizen day. Senior discounts in stores, free samples, free parking at some locations, that kind of stuff.

This leads us to shop on Tuesdays, because we are not stupid and who wants to spend more on something if on Tuesday you can get it for less.

We get an extra five percent off our groceries bill on Tuesday. Barring a few items such as booze and smokes, which we don’t use much of at all and not smokes ever anymore.

I get most of my exercise on Tuesdays, walking around shopping and hauling groceries into the house.

Mountain Man and I have been looking for fun ways to exercise and he has found juggling again.

I have these balls for exercising my hands against my carpal tunnel syndrome. On occasion, Mountain Man would take them and do a little juggling with them. Then he would leave them, not at all where he found them, and I would spent time looking for them before using them myself.

Today Mountain Man confessed and announced that he would be adding juggling to his exercise program. (So I would know where my balls were going when they disappeared.)

I fixed him. I grabbed my crochet hooks. Okay I dusted them off first and in less then two hours I had made him seven juggling bean bag balls. (Hacky sacks) Four small and three larger. More to come when my hands stop hurting. Did I mention that crochet aggravates my carpal tunnel the worst?

I got my balls back. I really need them now, of course, I’ve been crocheting. But I really like making him things he can use and he likes.

Tomorrow I’ll post the pattern I came up with. The free ones I found on the web were not the best.

With pictures!!! Mountain Man finally agreed to let me load the picture program for my camera on his computer.

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I used to make juggling balls and filled them with split peas. What do you use for stuffing?