Sunday, July 25, 2010

On Under Cover of Mall:

I have been missing in action again. The humidity just got too much for me and I felt like I couldn’t breath.

I ran away to the Mall. Air-conditioning! Breathable air!

Now, I don’t generally do the mall. In fact I have only been there once since 9-11. And I was, in fact, at the mall when 9-11 happened. Or I should say when I heard about it early that morning.

Yes, I was at the mall before it officially opened for the day. I had a pick up, but that doesn’t matter. And the once in between, was to get my Doc Martian boots.

This time, I was chased by the high humidity into the ‘Shopping Mall’ just to breath. You just can’t spend the whole day in Kmart type stores without going mad. In the mall you can move around from place to place and still be inside.

Though it is an interesting place. Many sparklies and odd people to watch, it is not my kind of place, mainly because it has many sparklies and odd people inside.

I did not get to go there in my Gothic full Lady Euphoria Deathwatch mourning garb. Heck, I didn’t even have my black nail polish on, as it had been chipped away by myself in my nervousness at my lack of breathing capacity. And no makeup as it had been melting off my face at home. (No, I didn’t bring my makeup kit, I was thinking about breathing.)

I did wear black as that is what most of my clothing choices are. I felt naked and woefully under dressed. And so far as mall persons go, I was just one of the crowd. Not a comfortable situation for one such as me. I like the wide space around me that my look generally provides me.

Nor did I have my computer. I did by a book and read for a while, but I couldn’t give myself over to the book because I had to have an eye out for any who would take advantage of the situation. (Like grabbing my purse or packages.) Yes, I did it. I couldn’t resist some of the sparklies.

The night in between was hell. The heat and humidity seemed all the worse once I was away from it for a while. So I’m going to try not to go back. I do know more then ever, that I do not like shopping malls. Just not my kind of place.

Now, How scary would I be if Gothy me just showed up at the senior center for a breath of air today?

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Mouse said...

Doc Marten boots are definitely a good reason to set foot into a mall.. if you must do it! Think of it this way.. they wear so well that you'll probably not have to ever go back to replace them! (I know personally that my pair is over 15 years old and looks brand new)