Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On Hacky Sack Promises:

Here is the Pattern for the Hacky Sack juggling balls I promised.

The picture are not here. My camera cord is not working and Mountain Man’s computer doesn’t have a memory card reader slot. I don’t have a converter either. When I do I will post this again as an extra post with picture.

While making this I tried a few different patterns and the ball shaped ones made for a oval sack after a few uses. So I went with a disk ends and tube sides style and it worked just fine. Keeps its ball shape after many hours of play.

Crochet Hacky Sack (You can go color crazy. All the knots hide inside.)
Filled with dried beans or plastic pellets.

I used ‘Sugar’ n Cream’ cotton from ‘Lily’ for the larger ones 2 1/ 2 inch, 6.5 cm and size 10 crochet cotton for the smaller ones 1 3/ 4 inch, 4 cm.
Some other people use embroidery thread for this and it looks less dull at first, but using the balls takes care of that new look.

[ ] will hold the extra instructions for the smaller size. All abbreviations are first used in text in ( ) after the word.

Size F hook [Size 0 zero hook]

Chain (ch) 4, slip stitch closed into ring.
(Use fairly tight stitches (sts) so you don‘t loose the fillings.)
Row 1- Ch 2, (this equals first stitch), then single crochet (sc) over chain and tail sc 8 stitches sts into ring. (9 sts) Join with slip stitch at top of first stitch. (Pull on tail string to close hole if too large and knot.
Row 2- Ch 2, sc in same stitch, *(sc X 2) *in each stitch across row. (18 sts) Join.
Row 3- Ch 2, sc in same, *(sc 2, sc 2X in next st.) *repeat 4X, sc 2. (24 sts)
Row 4- Ch 2, sc in same, *(sc 3, sc 2X in next st.) *repeat 4X, sc 3. (30 sts)
Row 5- Ch 2, sc in same, *(sc 4, sc 2X in next st.) *repeat 4X, sc 4. (36 sts)
[Row A- Ch 2, sc in same, *(sc 5, sc 2X in next st.) *repeat 4X, sc 5. (42 sts)]
Rows 6 - 10 - sc in each stitch of previous row. (36 st) [42 sts]
[Row B- Ch 2, sc 5, *(skip (sk) stitch (st), sc 6) *repeat 4X, sk st. Join.
Row 11- Ch 2, sc 4, *(sk st, sc 5) *repeat 4X, sk st. Join.
Row 12- Ch 2, sc 3, *(sk st, sc 4) *repeat 4X, sk st. Join.
Row 13- Ch 2, sc 2, *(sk st, sc 3) *repeat 4X, sk st. Join.
Row 14- Ch 2, sc 1, *(sk st, sc 2) *repeat 4X, sk st. Join.

Add Beans, I used soy beans, but you can use pony beads or other plastic beading/ stuffing sold at craft stores.

Row 11- Ch 2, *(sk st, sc 1) *repeat 4X, sk st. Join.
Cut 5 inch tail.

Here I add as many beans as I can get into the little hole to make it fairly tightly filled. (In a short time of use it will feel a lot looser.)

Take the tail and pull it through the other side of the hole and pull tight then knot to close and tuck tail inside.

Addition: You can make a size in between using the size 10 crochet cotton and zero hook and pattern, by adding five more rows; two more increase and decrease rows and another plain row in between. (Going smaller with the Sugar’ n Cream and size F hook pattern didn’t work as well.)

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