Saturday, June 26, 2010

On Learning to be Happy with Less:

I am trying to be happy without Rupert the computer. This is hard because I got him as a ‘getting through chemo’ gift. I had been having trouble playing all my games on my older smaller computer.

I’ll say it now, I love my computer games. I play one or another each and every day.

Not for hours on end. Though I could, if I let myself. And on rare occasion I do go hole hog and play until my eyes get all blood shot and I just have to stop.

Puzzle games, Memory games, Sims games, Educational games, Goofy games, Fantasy games, Collection games, and even the rare Kill’um games. I love them all.

I miss my Sims families. I want to build houses and sculpt gardens. I want to save forests with my fairy friends. I crave playing spider solitaire with the newer Vista version.

But the thing I miss the most is my full Skype phone connection and talking to my friends around the world.

Yes, the Lady herself is on Skype. I Skype my daughter, mother and others for free. They don’t have video cameras and you don’t need them for Skype, only a microphone. Ands most laptops have them built in. The download is free over the web.

Gladys, my notebook computer, can Skype without video when she is in the mood. She has a hard time holding onto an internet connection for some reason. So I loose calls every so often or they are cut short.

So my dear friends, if your Skype list shows Lady Euphoria Deathwatch with the unavailable icon try back later. But do try again. And then again, I may be on with someone else when you want to get through to me.

And if you don’t have me on your Skype list and want to, send me an initial Skype request to connect with me call. I’ll try to get back with you, when Gladys will allow. (I reserve the right to block anyone who is not appropriate, or makes a pest of themselves.)

I hope we can connect as we did before. If not we are back to emails.

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Mouse said...

I'm sorry to hear about Rupert... I'm hoping that you can get him fixed soon. I'm lucky enough that I have a husband that can fix most computer-y things that go wrong.. though I did loose an entire hard drive last year that I still can't get any of the data from.

I wish I could 'skype' with you but I don't have a microphone that will work with my computer... for some reason it doesn't allow me to connect.