Thursday, June 24, 2010

On Retracing My Steps:

On Retracing My Steps:

Well, I wanted to tell you about my new clothes dryer.
But all it turned out to be, was a new rope for the old pullies.

I wanted to praise my new disk drive.
But although it could read, it couldn’t write. Not compatible with my Vista computer. Had to bring it back.

I wanted to show you some plants I was proud of.
But something came and ate them last night. Too late to replant them. Have to put in something else.

Not a very good batting average.
But at least I can still dry my clothing. Same as I always did. And I don’t have to look at that old tattered clothes line anymore.

Things are not as bad as they first seemed. Gonna' be thankful for what I have.

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Rebecca Nazar said...

I have this standing accordion-like clothes rack. Duct tape is holding it together. Hey, still works, right?