Friday, June 18, 2010

On Your Inner Goth is Showing:

The things on this list are not considered Gothic standing on their own. They are not necessarily things I like or do. But put together with the others…

You’re a little bit Goth if you like:

Phantom of the Opera or other tragedies.
Walking in a cemetery when not visiting a friend or relative there.
Like Dark humor.
Thinking about whether or not there is an afterlife?
Don’t let what others think about you, sway what you want to do with your image of self.

Like to talk about the books you read with others.
Find a tragedy compelling.
Don’t mind spending hours alone thinking.
Have tattoos.
Are not upset if a less then ‘happily ever after’ ending happens in a story, book or movie.

Have piercings.
Like to play with your fashion in odd ways.
Plan your funeral.
Listen to music that makes you feel strongly.
Like the Addams Family; Cartoons in New Yorker Magazine, TV show, and or Movies.

Find being a little freaky, while ‘not’ hurting anyone, makes you happy.
Expect the trials in life, as well as the good times.
Own any black, plastic/PVC, velvet, and or lace clothing.
Like Tim Burton movies.
Like non-goth music that has a dark subject or edge to it. (The Decemberists come to mind.)

Find rainy days to your liking.
Don’t deny and hide your dark side.
Know that ‘Romantic’ means ‘Exciting’ not just ‘being in love.’
Know that no matter how many friend we have, we are essentially alone in life.
Have likes you don’t share with others, because they might not understand.

There are ever so many more, but I think you get the picture.

If you see a Goth, know that in these types of things you just might see eye to eye. And that they are not so very different as you may think.

Have any other suggestions?

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