Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Hot Enough For You:

Most of the country is in a heat wave. I spent the day with my feet in a plastic bin of cool water and playing a video game.

I found a game that Gladys, my old XP notebook computer, could handle. I already had gotten it at Target for five dollars, but you can down load a trial of it for free here.

Alice Greenfingers’ full version for sale $6.95, is a gardening game. You have 30 computer days to grow as many varieties of vegetables, fruits and flowers, add chickens, cows an sheep, just to keep things interesting, for you to amass a small fortune and get the highest score you can.

Of course you have to gain the ability to have all these things at your disposal. It must be prettily displayed. And the bills keep coming as time marches on.

I’ve been watching the market of the farmers market that said stuff is sold at to maximize my returns. Collecting the rewards as I hit set goals. And melting in the heat of the day as I make Alice franticly run around boxing up goods as they mature and putting them in the shed for market.

I’ve hit all goals, but the 30 day mark. (I’ve two game days to go.) And she has totally tired me out. Or maybe it was the heat.

When and if it cools enough this evening to knit I’ll be back at that. But for now it is Hazy, Hot, and Humid at Deathwatch Castle. (And once those stone walls get heated up cooling down is hard to do.) I’ll be here with my feet in a plastic bin of cool water and a fan on the rest of me. As I pick fake crops and wait for cooler days to knit again.

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