Monday, June 28, 2010

On I Remembered a Find:

Well, I was looking for something to write about that doesn’t need pictures or if the pictures were needed I could find a link to send you. And I finally remembered that I didn’t show you my find while in Boston.

I was thrift shopping with my daughter. We found a few clothes and some household items for their new place.

But my find was a baby doll. I saw it sitting on a shelf, all sad looking. One of its eye lashes was hanging down on one side. But otherwise it was in very good shape.

My daughter didn’t want me to get it. She is not into dolls with breakable parts. This doll had a china head and hands on a cloth body.

I plunked down the five dollars they wanted for it and left the store. As soon as I got back to the apartment I look the doll over and found, under the red haired wig, a name and serial number.

She is a ‘Good Morning Sugar Bright’ from Boots Tyner 1993, from Tracy's Treasures, marked Louise C. A doll that originally cost over a hundred dollars.

Once her eye lashes were fixed back in place she was just perfect. And she is now all mine.

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Yay, you! I found a piece of California pottery at our local thrift store a few years back. I thought it was hideous, in the nicest possible way, what with it being hot lava orange with three compartments and a snazzy gold-tone handle. Just like something my mother would have had, sitting next to the glass swan and plastic fruit on the coffee table, so I had to have it. At $2.50, especially. Searched online, and found it to be worth about ten times that. Sweet!